Centre for Flood Control and Water Management (CFC-WM)


Rainfall data section will worktowards integrating gauge measurements, satellite rainfall maps and numerical weather forecast information. The programme will start with readily available data and expand as new data sources become availabe. 


Intially two hydrological models and three hydro-dyanmic models with existing configurations will be tested for forecasting accuracy. Later as new models became available they will be incorpoarated in the system. 

The two hydrological models that will be used are

  • SHER - Similar Hydrological Element Response model

The three hydro-dynamic models that will be tested are

  • MIKE 21
  • FLO-2D
  • RRI

Their description and current status of forecasts are discussed in this section. 

Risk Reduction

Risk reduction efforts are discussed in three focussed aresa. 

  1. Developing hazard and economic risk profiles that will be useful in estimating annual expected losses and justifying investments for mitigation efforts.
  2. Developing risk based respone and relief measures with early warning that will minimise losses. 
  3. Developing and assessing a portfolio of distributed and centralised measures that will support integrated water management promoting risk reduction and enhanicing amenity.